Increase the value of your home

Adding curb appeal to your home

“Seal the deal with curb appeal”

Are you in the market to sell your property?

Have you ever heard of the term curb appeal?

That is most likely the first view any potential buyer may have of your home.

What if we told you that you may increase the value of your home exponentially by investing in painting your roof.

Many people don’t see the “wood for the trees” when it comes to this aspect.

Due to the appearance factor and in order to reach the sales list price of your property it is vital to have a good looking roof.

When weighed against the overall increase in property value it really is small change to pay for a new coat of roof paint.

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Soon it will be the ideal time to paint your roof

Soon it will be the ideal time to paint your roof

There are a few factors to consider before embarking on a roof painting project.

The weather is one critical factor to take into account.

Soon the change of seasons will be upon us in South Africa.

This is the ideal time to paint the roof. The main reason is that the weather is just perfect.

It is not too hot or too cold. This assists with the adhesive properties found in paint.

The chance of rain during this period is also less, and this may save time and money caused by delays in work.

There are a few factors to consider such as which colour paint to use.

Your roof colour can make a difference in the look and feel of your home.

It may also influence how well your home will retain or reflect heat.

Using a light paint colour it will reflect sunlight and this will result in a more energy-efficient home.

If your home tends to get uncomfortably hot during the warmer months, a light coloured roof will help keep it cool.

Should I go for a light or dark colour?

If you choose a darker shade of paint colour, the roof will absorb the heat. Your home will be warmer as a result. Which colour tint should I go for?

Once you’ve settled on a dark or light roof colour, you’ll want to think about the tint. For darker roofs, you’ll find paint in shades of red, blue, green, grey and more. For lighter roofs think of paler hues such as light blue, peach or silver.

It is strongly suggested that you discuss all of these aspects with your roof painting specialist beforehand in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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A roof is a roof is a roof?

A roof is a roof is a roof ?

Not so

There are many advantages of having a well maintained roof. Having a well maintained roof may add thousands to the value of your home. Having a good looking roof may add thousands to the value of your home.
We all know the eye sore in the neighbourhood? The house we all pass that just does not seem to fit in? Many times we just feel at odds with a certain home in the area. Don’t let this be your home .A well painted roof stands out far more favorably than a dilapidated unkempt roof.
Perhaps it’s time to have the professionals look at your roof?
Elzor Roof Painters has more than 25 years experience in the roof painting business.
Our primary areas of operation are in Pretoria East including Centurion and surrounding areas .
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Happy 2019

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Alternative education

Beat the pending price increase

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Dear customers clients and supporters of Elzor Roofpainters.

The news is not good.

The knock on effect of recent fuel prices is going to be devastating .

Time to brace yourself for a massive impact as prices on everything is soon to escalate beyond reason


The good news is that we understand and are currently trying to source ways of limiting the impact  inevitable price increases are going to have on our clients and public in general.

Thus we will try to maintain our current pricing structure for as long as possible.

We cannot guarantee this will last even for a few weeks.

In a few months time those that do not take advantage of the current special deals available will wish they had.

This is not  a marketing ploy it is a fact .

Time to take advantage of our current special discounts, and realize the true foundation of your home is  your roof.

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Roof Maintenance Tips for All Seasons





Like any part of your home and property, your roof requires maintenance through all seasons. Seasonal changes put added stress on your roof .If your roof is not durable enough it may not be able to withstand shifting weather conditions, causing a lot of costly replacements and or repairs.


Your roof does not simply just cover your house. It has many other functions that may benefit your home. The overhang and gutters keep rain directed away from the side of your house and foundations of your home. Your roof may be a form of free energy if it has been constructed properly with the appropriate ventilation and insulation.

The overall design may also be an attractive architectural element designed with valleys, peaks and high pitches, and other unique features.

Before the change of season it may be a good time to get a good view of your roof by walking around it and taking notice  of any signs of wear and tear to the gutters,shingles,flashing vents, chimney and the overall surface of your roof.

Inside the home check for any signs of visible leaks on all the ceilings. Peeling paint molding or black spots and water stains may all be signs of a possible roof leak.

As South Africa is mainly a summer rainfall area inland. Natal and the Midlands  also .Winter rainfall area in the Western and Southern Cape. The same inspection routine applies during all seasons .Keep your roof free from debris after wind and storms as these may act as a molding substance if left unattended.

The slope of your roof has an impact on maintenance. Many townhouse developments and semi detached houses generally have a steep slope. Low slope roofs have a waterproof membrane and a series of drains placed throughout the roof area in order to remove water from the surface of the roof, these roofs must remain watertight in order to function for a considerable length of time .

South Africa has a harsh climate and constant exposure to the suns damaging infrared rays and ultraviolet radiation may lead to deterioration of the roof.

Rain can cause a lot of problems to your home. Water may seep through layers especially under the shingles and cause rot.

Check for water stains on the roof as this may indicate the presence of leaks.

There are many more checks and balances to complete on a seasonal basis.

If some of the above seems very time consuming or you are not sure, please give us a call and we will gladly explain and or conduct an inspection on your behalf.

Keep following us for regular tips and advice on keeping your roof in pristine condition.

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Giving Back To The Community

Elzor Roof painters Gives back to the community


At Elzor Roof painters we understand just as well as the next person how tough things have become economically. Through this we also understand the first expense people cut back on during difficult times are charitable organizations.

These organizations don’t cease to exist in tough times …………they suffer, and without the support of the public and business those that they support in turn also suffer.

As we work mainly within the suburbs we are noticing the receding economy, and the effect this has on people in general.

As for our small part we can only continue giving back to the community in the form of support for a number of organizations such as the SPCA who speak for the voiceless. The local hospice  and voluntary organizations such as the NSRI.

Even a tiny donation goes along way. We urge people and companies  to show support to some of these initiatives and charitable causes.

Team Elzor

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Why We Stand Out

Elzor Roof painters are a cut above the rest.

At Elzor Roof Painters we believe  in doing the job right the first time.

It may come at no surprise to find  the managing owners of Elzor Roof painters doing the job themselves.

Using 25 years of combined experience has taught Wessel and Coenraad Engelbrecht  a few things about roof painting and then some.

As each roof painting operation is conducted with military precision it makes sense to lead from the front.

A common problem these days among some contractors are that the owners of these businesses are often not present during the project. This may lead to all sorts of comebacks later on.

Even though a roof may seem standard. There are a few angles to take care of.

There may be issues that anyone with less experience may not even notice.

It would thus make sense to use the right people for the right job, and save a lot of time and money in the process.

Using a reputable company such as Elzor  is the key to sorting your roof out for many years to come.

Fast efficient ,and reliable

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