Increase the value of your home

Adding curb appeal to your home

“Seal the deal with curb appeal”

Are you in the market to sell your property?

Have you ever heard of the term curb appeal?

That is most likely the first view any potential buyer may have of your home.

What if we told you that you may increase the value of your home exponentially by investing in painting your roof.

Many people don’t see the “wood for the trees” when it comes to this aspect.

Due to the appearance factor and in order to reach the sales list price of your property it is vital to have a good looking roof.

When weighed against the overall increase in property value it really is small change to pay for a new coat of roof paint.

Contact Coenraad Engelbrecht for an obligation free quotation.

Pensioners qualify for added discounts

“Elzor We paint your roof 1,2,3 ”

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