Soon it will be the ideal time to paint your roof

Soon it will be the ideal time to paint your roof

There are a few factors to consider before embarking on a roof painting project.

The weather is one critical factor to take into account.

Soon the change of seasons will be upon us in South Africa.

This is the ideal time to paint the roof. The main reason is that the weather is just perfect.

It is not too hot or too cold. This assists with the adhesive properties found in paint.

The chance of rain during this period is also less, and this may save time and money caused by delays in work.

There are a few factors to consider such as which colour paint to use.

Your roof colour can make a difference in the look and feel of your home.

It may also influence how well your home will retain or reflect heat.

Using a light paint colour it will reflect sunlight and this will result in a more energy-efficient home.

If your home tends to get uncomfortably hot during the warmer months, a light coloured roof will help keep it cool.

Should I go for a light or dark colour?

If you choose a darker shade of paint colour, the roof will absorb the heat. Your home will be warmer as a result. Which colour tint should I go for?

Once you’ve settled on a dark or light roof colour, you’ll want to think about the tint. For darker roofs, you’ll find paint in shades of red, blue, green, grey and more. For lighter roofs think of paler hues such as light blue, peach or silver.

It is strongly suggested that you discuss all of these aspects with your roof painting specialist beforehand in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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