Roof Maintenance Tips for All Seasons





Like any part of your home and property, your roof requires maintenance through all seasons. Seasonal changes put added stress on your roof .If your roof is not durable enough it may not be able to withstand shifting weather conditions, causing a lot of costly replacements and or repairs.


Your roof does not simply just cover your house. It has many other functions that may benefit your home. The overhang and gutters keep rain directed away from the side of your house and foundations of your home. Your roof may be a form of free energy if it has been constructed properly with the appropriate ventilation and insulation.

The overall design may also be an attractive architectural element designed with valleys, peaks and high pitches, and other unique features.

Before the change of season it may be a good time to get a good view of your roof by walking around it and taking notice  of any signs of wear and tear to the gutters,shingles,flashing vents, chimney and the overall surface of your roof.

Inside the home check for any signs of visible leaks on all the ceilings. Peeling paint molding or black spots and water stains may all be signs of a possible roof leak.

As South Africa is mainly a summer rainfall area inland. Natal and the Midlands  also .Winter rainfall area in the Western and Southern Cape. The same inspection routine applies during all seasons .Keep your roof free from debris after wind and storms as these may act as a molding substance if left unattended.

The slope of your roof has an impact on maintenance. Many townhouse developments and semi detached houses generally have a steep slope. Low slope roofs have a waterproof membrane and a series of drains placed throughout the roof area in order to remove water from the surface of the roof, these roofs must remain watertight in order to function for a considerable length of time .

South Africa has a harsh climate and constant exposure to the suns damaging infrared rays and ultraviolet radiation may lead to deterioration of the roof.

Rain can cause a lot of problems to your home. Water may seep through layers especially under the shingles and cause rot.

Check for water stains on the roof as this may indicate the presence of leaks.

There are many more checks and balances to complete on a seasonal basis.

If some of the above seems very time consuming or you are not sure, please give us a call and we will gladly explain and or conduct an inspection on your behalf.

Keep following us for regular tips and advice on keeping your roof in pristine condition.

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