Giving Back To The Community

Elzor Roof painters Gives back to the community


At Elzor Roof painters we understand just as well as the next person how tough things have become economically. Through this we also understand the first expense people cut back on during difficult times are charitable organizations.

These organizations don’t cease to exist in tough times …………they suffer, and without the support of the public and business those that they support in turn also suffer.

As we work mainly within the suburbs we are noticing the receding economy, and the effect this has on people in general.

As for our small part we can only continue giving back to the community in the form of support for a number of organizations such as the SPCA who speak for the voiceless. The local hospice  and voluntary organizations such as the NSRI.

Even a tiny donation goes along way. We urge people and companies  to show support to some of these initiatives and charitable causes.

Team Elzor

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National Sea Rescue Institute     National Sea Rescue InstituteNational Sea Rescue Institute

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