Why We Stand Out

Elzor Roof painters are a cut above the rest.

At Elzor Roof Painters we believe  in doing the job right the first time.

It may come at no surprise to find  the managing owners of Elzor Roof painters doing the job themselves.

Using 25 years of combined experience has taught Wessel and Coenraad Engelbrecht  a few things about roof painting and then some.

As each roof painting operation is conducted with military precision it makes sense to lead from the front.

A common problem these days among some contractors are that the owners of these businesses are often not present during the project. This may lead to all sorts of comebacks later on.

Even though a roof may seem standard. There are a few angles to take care of.

There may be issues that anyone with less experience may not even notice.

It would thus make sense to use the right people for the right job, and save a lot of time and money in the process.

Using a reputable company such as Elzor  is the key to sorting your roof out for many years to come.

Fast efficient ,and reliable

Contact the owner directly at


Coenraad 083 650 5488

visit https://elzor.co.za

083 650 6836

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