Avoid The Money Pit

You can live without walls, doors, windows, electricity but you cannot live without a roof.

Don’t allow your roof to become a money pit.

The basics for any roof starts with the structure. Then maintaining that structure.

The first signs of a failingĀ  roof will be obvious. Mostly it will become visible first in the exterior.

A regular coat of waterproof paint and inspection at the same time will prevent major financial implications later on.

Few people are aware of the problem until it becomes a problem of note

This problem often turns into a nightmare.

A leaking roof will damage the ceiling very quickly adding more costs. It may cause a very dangerous situation to develop if there is electrical wiring running through the ceiling.

Apart from the annoying drip that develops through a damaged ceiling as result. The next impact occurs on floor level. Ruining carpets and possibly expensive household appliances and furniture.

The costs when added could run into many thousands of rands in a very short space of time.

Why risk it all?

Our company has many years of specialized experience in roof painting, and we are available at short notice to assist.

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